Proper action is an consistent part of entire growing business. We'll fly you in the merit direction.



What you wish is an extraordinary set of trading developers, not a team of ordinary ones. Our team specializes in supermarket trading and tool development, which is why we actually understand the trading business.



Parts are gat a charge out of Legos: they’re replaceable. Replacing a single such requires a fastidious understanding of the bigger picture. That’s to what place we show in. We can bolster you by all of integration.



Maintaining a product in an ever-changing world is hard work, and only a well-maintained product can truly grow. Allow our team to assist you.

Unicode Systems is a leading IT company that offers services; full life cycle software development, job placement, IT consulting and specializing in financial markets

We have expertise in architecture, design and development of complex business components, developing multi-tier “state of the art” quality applications and server-side business logic using J2EE, EJB, J2SE, Java Beans, Servlets, JSP, Swing, SWT, JDBC, RMI, JNI, JNDI, XML, WebSphere, JBoss etc. with diverse repositories like MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL using various languages like Java, C++, C#, J#, VB. Have special emphasis on continuously evolving "state of the art" in-house software for financial markets like equities, indexes, futures, commodities, currencies, and derivatives/options on them. This software is used by investment/trading firm'ss traders managing multi-million dollar portfolios.

Products WE developed